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This poem was such a blessing to me on father's day and I just want to share it with you. 


Copyright © 2012 Orene T. Harris. All Rights Reserved.
A good father is a wonderful man who makes his family proud
He’s not concerned about impressing his friends, wasting time, or even bragging real loud.
His steps are ordered by the Lord and he prays both night and day
His love for his children is evident, as he teaches them the Word and shows them the way.
He’s a positive role model for his son, who’s proud to call him “Dad”
He teaches him from an early age how to make a girl smile, and how not to make her sad.
He shows respect in every area, walking tall and standing strong
He’s a shoulder to lean on when you’re weak, and with strength like this, who can go wrong?
A good father loves his daughter and holds her close to his heart
She’s the apple of his eye, his precious jewel; and he delights in giving her the right start.
He prays she will be the virtuous woman that God has called her to be
And his prayer for his children is that his Heavenly father will keep them and bless them abundantly.
There are many good fathers among us, who have been overlooked and unrewarded for years
So many times we focus on the deadbeat and absentee dads, with child support in arrears.
But what about those fathers who stay true to themselves and keep their family on one accord
Shouldn’t we be celebrating them and applauding their efforts, shouldn’t we be thanking the Lord?
A good father does more than just pay the bills, watch TV, and take the garbage out
He’s responsible and caring; not selfish, and he knows what his family is all about.
                               He doesn’t provoke his children and cause dysfunction in the home
No, when he stands with his family they feel honored and they know they are not alone.
So today we celebrate Fathers who are not a stereotype of society, or a statistic in crime
To the one who loves his children, whose life has meaning, and who’s proud of his royal blood line.
To the father who is highly respected, and strives to be the best that he can be
On this your special day, we salute you as the King, the Priest, the Provider, and the
Protector of your family.


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