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I am blessed and highly favored of the lord!! (Luke 1:28 ).
So many went to bed last night and lifted up their eyes in hell before the morning, but I'm alive and well! Many others had to be rushed to the hospital and are now hanging on for dear life, but I'm alive and well! Many slept outside on the street, under bridges, in their cars and elsewhere, but I enjoyed the comfort of a warm bed in a beautiful place I call home! Many will have nothing to eat this morning, but I have enough to choose when I will and refuse when I'm fasting! Many are wearing soiled rags with holes, but I have enough good clothes to pick and choose! Many started out as a family united, but today, many have suffered divorce and separation, but God is blessing and strengthening my marriage and my family! Many can't find a single sole to trust or confide in, but God has blessed me with several! Many are jobless and on government assistance just to be able to provide for their families, but I turn the key to a business that provides more than enough for me to care for my family.
But, my greatest blessings yet are that I am saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost and walking in obedience to the will of my father. Thank you Lord!
Wealth and riches are in my house because I am empowered with His anointing and favor to draw wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18; Psalm 112:3).
If The Lord never does anything else for me, I am already blessed!
Take the time to search the scriptures below to grow your belief in the blessings and favor of God over your life!
.Like Joseph, I prosper wherever I go and in every situation I am in because the Lord is always with me. I, too, experience preferential treatment (Genesis 39:1-6, 21).
.I am blessed and highly favored (Luke 1:28 ).
.I associate with those who are blessed and highly favored so that I may increase in every area of my life (Genesis 30:27).
.I operate in integrity; as a result, I obtain favor from God (Proverbs 11:27; 12:2).
.I actively seek and live by God's wisdom; therefore, I am highly favored and esteemed in the sight of God and men (Proverbs 3:1-4; 8:33-35).
.I declare that God's favor promotes and causes me to increase daily (Esther 2:17; Psalm 75:6-7).
.The Lord takes pleasure in my total life prosperity (Psalm 35:27).
.Because I am God's "favorite," I prosper in every area of my life-spiritually, physically, financially, socially and mentally (3 John 2).
.Because the favor of God shields me, no sickness or disease has a right to live in my body (Deuteronomy 7:15; Psalm 5:12).
.Wealth and riches are in my house because I am empowered with His anointing and favor to draw wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18; Psalm 112:3).
you are already blessed and highly favored of The Lord!

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                                                             Just Imagine A Healthier Coffee!!!

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